Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Seven from Texas: Menus almost all done, Covers being created

Also known as:
  • Hour of Death
  • Antes llega la muerte
  • I sette del Texas
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Seven from Texas (1964)

STATUS: Mid Production Phase

Only waiting for one final element to arrive. Been busy working on covers and Blu-ray menus. The Italian Audio we had was not good enough quality and a new track won't arrive from Europe in time, so Italian audio has been cut from the project. Two posters have arrived and are being processed for the covers.

MENU UPDATE: We are trying something brand new on this project... there will be two on disc methods of viewing chapters. One accessible while the film is playing and one from the main menu structure. The Advanced Chapters Menus, as we are calling them, will display the entirety of each chapter (at 24x speed)... enabling you to pinpoint exactly what scene you are looking for before selecting a chapter. Excited to see the feedback from the final product and if the Advanced Chapters Menus are a feature worth adding in future projects. This will be of interest to those who had any slow navigation no previous releases, as we have removed a LOT of the graphical requirements from the buttons and placed them into a video instead. This should make the whole experience a lot snappier and more responsive.

What have we finished?

  • Feature Film video
  • English Audio is captured, in sync, digitally restored
  • English subtitles
  • Advanced Chapters Menus
  • Pre-sale is active! LINK

Current Tasks:

  • Two covers
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation of Subtitles (81%)
  • Spanish translation of Subtitles (10%)
  • Audio track in Spanish is enroute
  • Capturing trailers of possible future releases

Tasks not yet started:

  • Italian translation of Subtitles
  • Analyze Spanish audio track to determine if we can synchronize and add into release
  • Artwork for booklets has not been started

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