Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Blu-ray Menu Navigation Issues reported for Explosive Eurocrime vol 1

As you can tell by the above video, your experience may vary greatly with this disc based on what Blu-ray player you use.

Why is this happening on some players?

We have always wanted our menus to stand out, to be a part of the presentation of the product and not an afterthought.  As such, we put forth a great deal of time designing them to be visually interesting and appropriate for the film (or films) on the disc.  That said, this sluggish problem experienced by some Blu-ray players shows we went too far this time.
Each underline is unique and hand drawn for the buttons, no one button underline is the same.  The background elements are all scanned, real life objects.  We even went so far as to individually stylize each button's text so each letter is ever so slightly different from the others.
In short, we focused so much on the style and visual elements we neglected focus on the speed of navigation.
Sadly, all the graphics take a decent amount of processing power and a decently quick RAM bus to make a snappy experience while using the menus... and some Blu-ray players just don't have the power to display the graphics in a quick manner.

Is the disk broken?

No.  Everyone we have talked to thus far have been able to play both films and play all trailers or each individually.  All the subtitles are able to be controlled via the menu structure.  All audio is controllable via the menu structure.  Everything works, just on some players it works SLOW.

What is the plan?

Obviously moving forward we will be ditching our extravagant menu design on future Blu-ray discs for a simple, easy to load menu structure that focuses on speed.
What to do if your player is sluggish?
First, we apologize for our mis-step.  We sympathize with the frustration this would cause.  If you didn't know what was happening you might keep pressing the "Enter" button on your remote and enter a cycle of trying to display the sub-menu and then trying to hide the sub-menu.  That would be aggravating and we apologize for this confusion that it has caused.
Second, if you decide that the printed artwork, the three films, and the trailers are not worth dealing with the aggravation of a slow-to-respond menu please get in touch with us.  You can email us at
Third, if you want to help us to avoid problems in the future and help us provide a list of fully functional Blu-ray players, you could fill out this very short form:
We will use the results from the above form to find problematic Blu-ray players and try to acquire some of them for our internal testing process.  This should help future products work on a wider range of blu-ray players.