Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dorado Films Screeners Project - DVD+Rs

We are rolling out DVD+Rs of the Screeners we released last year.  A portion of the proceeds from these sales will go towards a higher quality release.  Once we reach a specific milestone of income we will "graduate" the film to a proper commercial release.

  • The DVD+Rs contain the same watermark you see on the YouTube videos so as to discourage illegal distribution.
  • The DVD+Rs are identical to what you see on YouTube except that they are "uncensored" (no content restrictions on DVD+Rs, unlike on YouTube)
  • We cannot accept returns for DVD+Rs, contact us if you receive a damaged DVD+R and we will let you know how to proceed to resolve that issue.
We will be releasing the rest of last year's Screeners onto DVD+R in the coming weeks.  Shipping might be delayed a bit at first while we iron out all wrinkles in producing these cost effectively.
Shoot us an email, comment here, on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter if you have any questions.  We will update this post with answers to common questions.