Monday, April 15, 2013

Project added: High Crime on DVD or Blu-ray


Does High Crime deserve to be released on DVD or Blu-ray? Should we run a KickStarter campaign for the release? If you think this film does deserve a quality release, get involved and help get this film out!

We have a goal of 300 members for this project.  Here is our plan:

  1. Collect 300 email addresses to inform about the KickStarter project when it is posted.
  2. While we are collecting those email addresses, get feedback on our ideas for the release and finalize funding goal.
  3. Create a KickStarter campaign and attempt to get to 30% of our funding goal within the first 5 days via our Project Members!
We learned a lot from our first attempt at KickStarter.  While we were definitely not happy about the results, and frankly very surprised, it was an overall good learning experience.  To create a strong chance at success for this campaign, we are applying the following suggestions:
  • Pick a solid, achievable goal and explain to project members exactly how we plan on achieving the goal.
    • Incidentally, this is a sample of how we are planning on achieving our goal this time around.  We are collecting enough email addresses to achieve the following scenario:
      • ~24% of our goal: If 1/3rd of our Project Members (100 individuals) pledge at least for the DVD (10 USD from our 35mm theatrical print or 15 USD from the negative).
      • ~8% of our goal: If 1/30th of our Project Members (10 individuals) pledge for the numbered, limited edition version of the DVD (or Blu-ray).
      • ~1% of our goal: If the remaining Project Members pledge the 1 USD "online extras" option.
      • That will get us over 30% of the way there, which does four things for us... (1) it proves to KickStarter faithfuls that this is a legitimate project and encourages them to put money into it, (2) it gives us better exposure on KickStarter, (3) it gives us the motivation to push the campaign hard locally and via social media, and (4) statistically it is the tipping point for a crowd sourced project to succeed, 90% of projects that get over 30% will succeed.
    • We will explain this goal and our hopeful expectations of our Project Members in the email finalizing the project, and will encourage them to sign up for KickStarter if they haven't yet so they can help us get over the 30% hump.  Even if the Project Members only pledge the funds until we get to about 40% and then remove their pledges it would help tremendously in achieving our goal of releasing this film in good quality.
  • Keep it SIMPLE.  Last time we had WAY too many perks and levels of rewards.
  • Create a really high quality project video, not just Micah talking into the webcam.
  • Set specific release dates for DVD and Blu-ray if the project is funded.
  • Reach out to our growing sources to spread the campaign and work out a clever marketing campaign.
What we want to do is create a Blu-ray from the negative in Europe, that would be stunning and would do this film justice.  But, we will see what everyone thinks and if we can get enough people joining the project to reach that goal.

New feature on Projects


We are hopeful that this new home for our projects will encourage better communication between us and fans of the films we have in our library.  This is an AJAX application, which was created from scratch to make it as useful as possible.

There are 5 specific goals for this app:
(1) Collect email addresses for the project specific newsletters we will be creating.
(2) Encourage simple, anonymous feedback (using simple + or - buttons) for ideas and artwork we have.
(3) Receive feature ideas from project members, which can then be voted on by all members of the project.
(4) Answer questions from project members.
(5) Discuss the project with members (and let them discuss it with each other)

We think we have created a tool that accomplishes those goals, but we will obviously be tweaking it in the coming weeks and months.  Consider this in BETA mode.  We would definitely love feedback.

One interesting side note to this project: we had to re-add users to the site (which we have had disabled for years since we did not really have a need for them).  We erased all the old users, so anyone that was once signed up needs to re-sign up.