Monday, October 2, 2017

Seven from Texas: English Subs finished, translation progressing

Also known as:
  • Hour of Death
  • Antes llega la muerte
  • I sette del Texas
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Seven from Texas (1964)

STATUS: Early Production Phase

Planning has finished up and we are waiting for some final elements to arrive. We have received the first draft of an article for the general printed booklet and are editing said article. We have pulled a few scenes and some frame grabs out of the print for publicity purposes. All-in-all, we are proceeding nicely!

What have we finished?

  • Feature Film video
  • English Audio is captured and in sync
  • English subtitles

Current Tasks:

  • We are digitally restoring the English Audio track
  • Front cover
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation of Subtitles (15%)
  • Spanish translation of Subtitles (10%)
  • Audio track in Spanish is enroute, as well as a poster
  • Finalizing the pre-sale information, getting ready for posting on DoradoFilms.Video

Tasks not yet started:

  • Italian translation of Subtitles
  • Find and analyze Italian audio track to determine if we can synchronize and add into release
  • Analyze Spanish audio track to determine if we can synchronize and add into release
  • Several printed artwork pieces have yet to be started

Edited 10/4/2017: We were told that we should differentiate between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese... so we made that appropriate change.

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