Monday, April 15, 2013

New feature on Projects


We are hopeful that this new home for our projects will encourage better communication between us and fans of the films we have in our library.  This is an AJAX application, which was created from scratch to make it as useful as possible.

There are 5 specific goals for this app:
(1) Collect email addresses for the project specific newsletters we will be creating.
(2) Encourage simple, anonymous feedback (using simple + or - buttons) for ideas and artwork we have.
(3) Receive feature ideas from project members, which can then be voted on by all members of the project.
(4) Answer questions from project members.
(5) Discuss the project with members (and let them discuss it with each other)

We think we have created a tool that accomplishes those goals, but we will obviously be tweaking it in the coming weeks and months.  Consider this in BETA mode.  We would definitely love feedback.

One interesting side note to this project: we had to re-add users to the site (which we have had disabled for years since we did not really have a need for them).  We erased all the old users, so anyone that was once signed up needs to re-sign up.

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