Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How Europe Does BABES, BOMBS, and GUNS

We recently finished our long-overdue update to the website. We added the last finishing touches while waiting for some material for the box set "How Europe Does BABES, BOMBS, and GUNS".

This box set takes our excess inventory of Mission Bloody Mary, From the Orient with Fury (1st edition), and Special Mission Lady Chaplin and combines it into an excellently priced package. We decided, to add value to those who have purchased some or all of these films, to add the film Electra One to finish up our first ever box set.

What's been keeping us busy:
  • Creating a unique cover that blends the releases, yet stands as it's own product
  • Working with our printer for the individually numbered case wraps
  • Finding a 4 disc box set that (a) holds the disks well, (b) fits in with our existing product line, and (c) won't raise the price of the product unnecessarily.
  • Authoring the DVD for Electra One

After hearing back from the replication lab, we now have all of the pieces falling into place for the final release. We just opened pre-orders and announced the release date on our site for November 15th, 2010.

Looking forward to this release... see how does so we can make further plans for our releases.

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